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Cyber Punk RP

I am looking for more players for a Cyber Punk RP

All of the world information that I have set out right now is located over on my side bar under Cyberpunk World ( right here for those that can’t find it ). That has all of the factions (jobs), background information (general), and some other good stuff too! I’ll be posting a lot of the stuff I need for this RP in there too.

SO HERE IS WHAT I NEED (if you’re interested)

  • Character Name
  • Character Age
  • Sex
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Character Hair (color/style)
  • Character Eyes (color)
  • Character Job (from Watchers, Programmers, Agents) [we already have several Scavengers, so you can still put that in if you want, but please have a separate job just in case!]
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Clothing
  • Cybertronics (artificial body parts that range from eyes to full limbs)
  • Relationships (family, friends, etc)
  • Background Story (motivation to become what they are, goals in life, big events that happened in life, etc.)

So I’d really appreciate any and all interest, even if it is just a casual sniff around! I don’t bite, I promise! If the mods of the RP (including me and several of my friends) think that you’d make a really great addition, you’ll get a message from us, so make sure that you have your inbox open! If you don’t have an ask box up or don’t want to have it up, make sure to send me some sort of contact information along with your sheet! I’ll be making a separate Skype group for all of this too, so Skype is always good to have!!!